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Install python-2.5.5 on Ubuntu

Open your terminal and type the following commands line by line:

#  sudo apt-get install build-essential gcc
#  cd Downloads
#  wget
#  tar -xvzf Python-2.5.5.tgz
#  cd Python-2.5.5
#  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/python2.5
#  make
#  make test
#  sudo make install
#  sudo ln -s /usr/local/python2.5/bin/python /usr/bin/python2.5

There you have it! Python 2.5.5 is installed. Now if you want to run it, you can either type python2.5 from the terminal, or you can make a shortcut for it by doing the following:

1. Right-click on Applications.
2. Select Edit Menus.
3. Click Programming
4. Click New Item
5. Type "Python (v2.5)" in the Name Box
6. Type "python2.5" in the Command Box
7. Type any comments (optional) in the comments box or just click Ok

Now it should show up in your programming menu. Have fun with Python 2.5.5!

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