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Tar Back-up Procedure

If you decide to use ``tar'' as your backup solution in Linux, You will also need to know how to access the appropriate backup media; although all devices are treated like files in the Unix world.

To See all the available options in tar:
  #  man tar                                                                        

The following command will perform a backup of your entire Linux system onto the ``/archive/'' file system, with the exception of the ``/proc/'' pseudo-filesystem, any mounted file systems in ``/mnt/'', the ``/archive/'' file system.

  #  tar -zcvpf /archive/full-backup-`date '+%d-%B-%Y'`.tar.gz \ --directory / --exclude=mnt --exclude=proc --exclude=var/spool/squid       

/archive/ specifies the location of the backup file. You can use Tape drive any other partition location to store your backup files.

The above command specifies the options ``z'' (compress; the backup data will be compressed with ``gzip''), ``c'' (create; an archive file is begin created), ``v'' (verbose; display a list of files as they get backed up), ``p'' (preserve permissions; file protection information will be "remembered" so they can be restored). The ``f'' (file) option states that the very next argument will be the name of the archive file (or device) being written.

The ``--directory'' option tells tar to first switch to the following directory path (the ``/'' directory in this example) prior to starting the backup. The ``--exclude'' options tell tar not to bother backing up the specified directories or files. Finally, the ``.'' character tells tar that it should back up everything in the current directory.

Restoring with ``tar'':

The following command will restore all files from the ``full-backup-24-December-2011.tar.gz'' archive.

  #  tar -zxvpf /archive/full-backup-24-December-2011.tar.gz.tar.gz                

The above command extracts all files contained in the compressed archive, preserving original file ownership and permissions. The ``x'' option stands for extract.

If you do not need to restore all files contained in the archive, you can specify one or more files that you wish to restore:

  #  tar -zxvpf /archive/full-backup-24-December-2011.tar.gz.tar.gz \ etc/profile usr/local/bin/tolower        

The above command restores the ``etc/profile'' and ``usr/local/bin/tolower'' files from the archive.

If you are trying to restore only one or a few files from your archive, you will not be successful unless you specify the file name and directory path exactly as stored in the archive.

  #  tar -ztvpf /archive/full-backup-24-December-2011.tar.gz.tar.gz \ | grep -i profile           

It will list all the files named with "prorfile" from the archive. After that you can restor the necessary files using regular tar command expression.


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